Be more inventive! Creative thinking skills for the manufacturing industry

I’m really looking forward to some great new workshops I’m delivering in collaboration with The Manufacturing Institute.

It’s all about being more inventive as you develop new products. 

You’ll arrive at the workshop with a real-life challenge from your own business – an existing product that you want to modify, or an entirely new product idea that you need to develop. 

On Day 1 we help you to push  that idea through an ‘ideas bootcamp’  – using creative thinking and lateral thinking techniques to really put the idea through its paces and get you into pole position with the best possible options. 

Then on Day 2 you actually make the prototype, using the brilliant kit at the Fab Lab in Manchester – advanced 3D printing, electronic assembly and other facilities, all with full technical support.

It’s a great way for new product development staff, technicians, R&D, owner/managers and the rest of the team to really boost their skills in looking at things from different angles and generating a wider range of new solutions.

It’s brilliant, fun, hard work and you’ll love it!

Best of all, you get to take away a toolkit of simple but effective techniques for creative thinking and lateral thinking – tools that you can use again and again in your business to drive forward the process of inventing and problem-solving.  It’s another way of gaining competitive edge and getting ahead of the pack.

We’re kicking off with 2 separate events, one for the Medical Devices industry and one for the Packaging industry, and there’s more in the pipeline.

And if you’re a SME based in the North West then you’re in for treat – a 45% discount courtesy of the Manufacturing Advisory Service.  You can see full details and book online through the links below.

25-26 Jan: Creative Problem-Solving: Packaging

8-9 Feb: Creative Problem-Solving: Medical Devices

Hope to see you there!

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