How to Keep The Staff You Train


What if you train them, and they leave?

Well – what if you don’t train them, and they stay?  Then you’ll have deliberately set up your organisation to have a workforce that’s not operating at its full potential – and that’s the way to mediocrity.

Employers have perfectly legitimate concerns when it comes to training.  They worry that if they pay for an employee to get further training, they might then leave the company soon afterwards, effectively taking that investment with them.

But the trick to all this is not to look at training as something in isolation – it should be part of a much wider strategy to make your organisation a great place for great people to work. That means sometimes paying for their training, but it also means a diverse mix of other things, such as:

  • Finding out what they think stops them from doing their job well (Ineffective links with another department? Slow bureaucracy? The wrong marketing message? Not enough autonomy to make a customer-supporting decision and just do it?). And then you need to fix all that, so they can do a good job and be proud of it.
  • Personal development plans that make sure employees can see they’ve got somewhere to go in your company.
  • Praise where it’s due, and plenty of it. If you want a great team, you need to be a good team player yourself – and that means acknowledging the contribution of others, as well as showing them you can always be relied on to deliver your own contribution.

Carve out some time to really work at making your organisation a great place to be – you’ll retain staff and attract other stars more easily.  You might lose someone now and again, but the net result will be positive. And that means any investment in an individual’s training is also an investment in your company.

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