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8 Ingredients For A Great Partnership

What makes a great partnership? You could hope that it just happens spontaneously, but the truth is it takes dedication and care to nurture a business relationship into something that adds real value. The basic goal for any partnership is … Continue reading

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The 10 Principles of Success: What Made AO a Runaway Success

. As part of my job I see a lot of presentations from highly successful entrepreneurs – but one of the most inspiring ever has to be the one I saw today, hosted by NatWest Bank in Manchester. John Roberts, … Continue reading

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How to Keep The Staff You Train

. What if you train them, and they leave? Well – what if you don’t train them, and they stay?  Then you’ll have deliberately set up your organisation to have a workforce that’s not operating at its full potential – … Continue reading

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Solvitur Ambulando: “it is solved by walking”

Like many others, I like the thinking time that walking gives me.  If I have meetings in different locations in town I always try to schedule things so I can walk from one meeting to the next – it gives … Continue reading

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A Pessimist, An Optimist, and An Opportunist Walk Into A Bar…

Management styles in a nutshell If you want to see entrepreneurial behaviour summed up in a sentence, check this out.  It popped up on LinkedIn (thanks to Grace Perry):   This says so much about personality traits and how we … Continue reading

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