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How many people does innovating need?

“Innovation is a contact sport” is one my favourite quotes about innovation (AnnaLee Saxenian).  It refers to the fact that the innovation process (all the way from idea to implementation) always involves a team: inventors, designers, manufacturers, financiers, suppliers, stakeholders, … Continue reading

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Non-banks: mobile money innovations

Necessity is the mother of invention – and it’s no different when your country lacks the infrastructure that many of us take for granted. Billions of people in the world can’t get access to a bank.  While westerners might joke … Continue reading

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Be An Evil Genius!

Brainstorming is a very creative process but you’ve got to follow the rules to really make it work: it’s crucial that everyone suspends all judgement.  Every half-baked notion is useful, because it might spark a great idea in someone else’s … Continue reading

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Death by Excellence

I’m not sure who it was that originally coined the brilliant phrase “Death by excellence” (if it was you, let me know!) but it neatly sums up one of the most ironic phenomena in business:  many organisations are at their weakest … Continue reading

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Innovative places need 5 tribes

Innovative cities have an exciting buzz about them, an energy that you can feel as soon as you arrive.  What creates the buzz?  It’s a complex mix of people, connectivity, organisations, skills, finance, and attitude. The people in that mix are … Continue reading

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