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The Academic Spring: ‘Open Access’ Takes Hold

When someone mentions publishing, you imagine a standard model: an author writes something, the publisher puts it on sale and gives the author a slice of the revenues.  Or alternatively the author might self-publish, covering their own costs and keeping … Continue reading

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The Metaphorical Search Engine

The way that famous search engines work is annoying me more and more. The work I do with many clients is about business model innovation – seeing your organisation in a new light, finding new ways of working that let … Continue reading

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Big Decisions: Are You A Hamster Or An Entrepreneur?

Life presents opportunities.  And if you can spot them at all, then there are two ways of looking at them.  One way works – and the other gets you nowhere. The first way is to start by imagining the possibilities … Continue reading

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Are patents still any use as an indicator of innovation?

Thomson Reuters has just published its “Top 100 Global Innovators” league table.  It’s a list with few surprises – companies like 3M and Apple are up there as we might expect. However Thomson Reuters have only used patent-related data to … Continue reading

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Could Do Better

We need innovation in education We’ve had the industrial revolution and we’re enjoying the digital revolution…and that’s why we now need a classroom revolution. I really enjoyed this article in The Atlantic about Cathy N Davidson, Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies … Continue reading

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