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Changing the World with Social Enterprises

‘Changing the World’ might sound grand but it’s all true in the case of Professor Muhammad Yunus.  This Nobel Peace Prize winner founded the Grameen Bank, which I’ve mentioned previously as my favourite innovation: a microcredit provider that broke all the traditional rules … Continue reading

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Non-banks: mobile money innovations

Necessity is the mother of invention – and it’s no different when your country lacks the infrastructure that many of us take for granted. Billions of people in the world can’t get access to a bank.  While westerners might joke … Continue reading

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Measuring innovation: it needs some innovation

This is a lengthy post, but it’s a thorny subject.  I’d really welcome your thoughts. … Is it easy to measure innovation and its impact?  It depends.  If you want to measure innovation within one organisation, it should be relatively … Continue reading

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Nice doing business with you

Corporation, n. An ingenious device for obtaining personal wealth without personal responsibility.

It was in the early 1900s that journalist Ambrose Bierce came up with this definition, as part of his charmingly cynical ‘Devil’s Dictionary’. At the time, society was emerging from a century of staggering changes in technological progress, economic growth and social turmoil.
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The Commons

How important are networks and communities in building successful markets? Professor Elinor Ostrom is the first woman to win the Nobel prize for economic sciences. She’s been recognised for her work on “the Commons” – meaning anything that’s collectively owned, such as common land.
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