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Open Access To A New Book – Making Open Innovation Work

Open Access To A New Book On Open Innovation Here’s a great opportunity – Stefan Lindegaard, author of The Open Innovation Revolution and creator of the excellent 15inno blogsite on open innovation, has written a new book – and he’s … Continue reading

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Innovation Faster Than The Speed Of Light

Nothing travels faster than light. There are millions of textbooks and academic papers in the world asserting this as fact.  Until now, perhaps? Scientists working at CERN, the world’s biggest physics lab, have had to ask themselves whether our understanding … Continue reading

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The Future Of Open Innovation

Ten years from now, what will we think of Open Innovation? Will we think about it at all?  Open Innovation (OI) is the big buzzword of the past few years.  We can now see companies benefitting from this new way of thinking … Continue reading

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Crowdsourcing – cracking the code

Crowdsourcing is the ultimate recognition that ‘not all the smart people work for us’ – a fact of life that every organisation can use to its advantage. In our connected world, any organisation can acquire very novel answers to difficult questions … Continue reading

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Maker, fixer, tinkerer, techie, hacker, inventor, whiz

Recognise yourself in the title? You are legion… In a fascinating first survey of its type, researchers at MIT have shown that UK consumers spend more on product development than the whole of UK industry does. In this survey, UK … Continue reading

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