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Open Innovation in Bioscience

  “We want to be competitively unpredictable” – Psion CEO John Conoley to Stefan Lindegaard. “The substrate for being able to invent has improved” – Patrick Vallance, VP Pharmaceuticals Research, GlaxoSmithKline. “If you want to herd cats, use cat food” … Continue reading

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The Academic Spring: ‘Open Access’ Takes Hold

When someone mentions publishing, you imagine a standard model: an author writes something, the publisher puts it on sale and gives the author a slice of the revenues.  Or alternatively the author might self-publish, covering their own costs and keeping … Continue reading

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Innovation Faster Than The Speed Of Light

Nothing travels faster than light. There are millions of textbooks and academic papers in the world asserting this as fact.  Until now, perhaps? Scientists working at CERN, the world’s biggest physics lab, have had to ask themselves whether our understanding … Continue reading

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Crowdsourcing – cracking the code

Crowdsourcing is the ultimate recognition that ‘not all the smart people work for us’ – a fact of life that every organisation can use to its advantage. In our connected world, any organisation can acquire very novel answers to difficult questions … Continue reading

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12 essential character traits for creativity – what are your strengths?

Ever wondered if you’re a creative person, compared to others?  That’s the wrong question.  The question is not whether you are creative, but how.  In what way do you have ideas? How do you experience them and interpret them? Whatever our personal … Continue reading

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