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The Magic of Converging Medical Technologies

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” This perfectly sensible quote comes from Arthur C. Clarke, who was best known as a science fiction writer (including 2001: A Space Odyssey) and as an inventor and futurist. Innovation often happens … Continue reading

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Vexation and Entrepreneurship

A few days ago I came across an intriguing theory about how Silicon Valley first developed. I was watching part 3 of Jim Al-Khalili’s BBC science programme “Shock And Awe: The Story Of Electricity” and it got on to how … Continue reading

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The Metaphorical Search Engine

The way that famous search engines work is annoying me more and more. The work I do with many clients is about business model innovation – seeing your organisation in a new light, finding new ways of working that let … Continue reading

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Innovation Faster Than The Speed Of Light

Nothing travels faster than light. There are millions of textbooks and academic papers in the world asserting this as fact.  Until now, perhaps? Scientists working at CERN, the world’s biggest physics lab, have had to ask themselves whether our understanding … Continue reading

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From Mad Men to Mass Customisation

There’s a lovely little line in Series 1 of Mad Men, that stylishly-told social history of 1960s USA.  One executive had acquired a report that he didn’t want others to see, but later on he spots it in the office of a … Continue reading

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