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Business Strategy 

Sometimes it’s your business model that needs innovating. We take your team through an insightful process of Business Model Exploration that questions the status quo and explores all the choices you have to improve the business model: what kinds of value you can offer customers, how you can reach them, different types of revenue stream, and more.

Innovation Performance

How innovative is your organisation? Is it developing new services and products effectively?  Is it crying out for better business processes?  

With an Innovation Health Check, we look at the strengths and weaknesses in your business and its ability to innovate effectively. 

Or go a stage further with a full Innovation Strategy, which takes a deep dive into the organisation and maps out objectives and priority actions for boosting your innovation performance.

Alternatively, if you want to improve the identification of new ideas and their development in your organisation, we can advise on, design and deliver bespoke Innovation Programmes.

People, culture, processes, knowledge flow, connectivity, bespoke innovation programmes and leadership are all crucial elements in your ‘innovation ecosystem’.  Together they should make more than the sum of the parts, integrate seamlessly with your business strategy, and help you become more adaptable, more robust and more competitive.  This can be difficult to get right and it’s no surprise that most organisations need some support.

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