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Business Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching simply helps you to get things done. Typically, you would have a specific objective, like making sure a new project moves at the right pace, or getting up to speed with a new job role.  Then we agree on a tailored support system just for you – perhaps weekly conversations to confirm and plan your next steps, straighten out the issues, and help you learn from your progress. While Coaching is task-oriented and short term, Mentoring is a longer term relationship that provides a secure space for you to talk about any issues affecting your work life. You may need a bit of both.


Creativity in the workplace is relevant to us all, because it’s really just problem solving – and every day you need to solve problems for your job role, your customers or your stakeholders.  Luckily there is now a psychometric questionnaire specifically designed to look at characteristics that are useful in creativity and innovation, such as the way that solutions come to you, motivating factors, and curiosity.  Like many other psychometric tests it’s an enjoyable team-building process, and a source of fresh insight into how you and your colleagues think and work.

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